Company specialized in the field of industrial and artisanal wafer.

Wafers Shepherd was founded in 2005, is a young and dynamic company. Since its inception, our company works both nationally and internationally exporting to the European Union and America.
Our staff is made ​​up of young workers eager to capture in his work, all his imagination and dedicated to making each wafer order pure craftsmanship.

Since its inception our R & D has focused a lot on health and nutrition, constantly researching and using only the best raw materials market.
Our entire wafer is free of gluten. Today we work closely with the FACE and other associations, to make our wafer reaches all people with celiac disease are not obstacles to be able to access it.

Our market is not only found in nougat makers, although they are our main customers, we also serve coffee shops, bakeries...

 We have introduced into the world of Candy nationwide hand of one of the major companies, enabling our printed wafer sold throughout Spain.
Our future plans are still manufacture our products with the best quality - price, and offer the customer a friendly and personal, thereby achieving one constant loyalty, and thanks to them Wafers Pastor, SL is today a reality worldwide.

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