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Smooth Colour Circular Wafer

100% Natural European potato starch and sunflower oil. Without additives or preservatives.

Measurements: from 3cm to 26cm
Thickness: 0.30MM.
Packages: 25, 50 or 100 units.

Azo Colours references:

  • Pink – 6203ER
  • Violet – 6203VI
  • Blue – 6203A
  • Green – 6203V
  • Orange – 6203N

Natural colours references:

  • Yellow – 6203VN
  • Green – 6203M
  • Caramel – 6203C

Artificial colours available:

  • fluorescent green – 6303VF
  • fluorescent yellow – 6303M

Observations: the product is served in a custom round format, packed in bulk, keeping the properties of the product and its optimal preservation. The wafer thickness can vary +-0,03mm.

Obleas Pastor is your Wafer specialist

We have the technical and professional capacity to satisfy your requests in a short time and at very competitive prices. Offering quality control of each product at all times.