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Research and Development

The continuous improvement in our processes and qualities added to the strictest food and health protocols, to offer the best product.

Constant research and development

Since its inception, our R&D department has focused a lot on health and food, constantly researching and using only the best raw materials on the market.

All of our wafer is gluten free. Nowadays we are working side by side with the FACE and other associations, to ensure that our wafer reaches all people with celiac disease and that they do not find obstacles to be able to access to it.

We innovate in machinery and new techniques in the world of Wafer, offering it with the best packaging that preserves 100% of its quality. The Wafer that we manufacture is 100% natural, and is focused on different uses and culinary applications in pastry and confectionery.

Quality and Competitiveness

Manufacturing our products with the best quality-price ratio and offering to our customers a familiar and personalized treatment, achieving in this way a constant loyalty because thanks to them Obleas Pastor is nowadays a reality all over the world.

At Obleas Pastor, we will be happy to collaborate with you, to find the product that best suits all your needs.


IFS FOOD Certification

This international standard ensures that quality remains stable throughout the production chains of the food sector. With the IFS Food Certification, we ensure that the food we produce meets the highest level of safety, quality and legality standards.

Benefits of IFS FOOD Certification

  • Adjust to the quality specifications set by customers
  • Increase food security

Exclusivity and Differentiation

Exclusive products: Formulated and developed in our company. Differentiated product range and the widest on the market.