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Family tradition company

More than 20 years of experience in the manufacture of 100% natural and handmade wafers in Alicante. Following all the strictest food and health protocols, to offer the highest quality.

More than 83 years of tradition

Until the end of the 19th century, the wafer was a complementary product of nougat and typical sweets, focusing its production mainly in the months of June to December. The creation process was of a family nature and carried out in their own homes. Once the product was made, it was marketed in the big cities in the previous days to Christmas.

At the end of the same century, there was a significant change in the production of the wafer, as the source of energy used became steam, making necessary to build the first factories on the outskirts of the cities. Marketing networks are also being expanded. Until then, the main destination of the wafer was Jijona because of its nougat  tradition; so from that moment it expands to Madrid, and to the important cities of Barcelona, Valencia, Murcia, Andalusia, where nougat also begins to be manufactured industrially.

Already in the last century, the decade of the 20s, was a period of growth when steam was replaced by electricity as an energy source, producing a real boom in facilities and new companies. However, the civil war and the post-war period marked a stage of stagnation. At the end of the 50s and the beginning of the 60s, there was a great expansion in the production of nougat.

It is at this time around the year 1963, when Carmen Gómez Navarro began the manufacture of Wafers, with a small factory in Santa Leonor street in the San Blas neighborhood, located in the city of Alicante under the name of PASSAN . It was quickly known locally for the quality of its wafers, shells and wafer cookies as the Alicante Cookie Factory. In 1980 there was a generational change in the management that she left in the hands of her son Jose Ramón Pastor Gómez, modernizing the manufacture of the Wafer, with a new factory located on the Madrid road in Alicante, renamed Obleas Españolas. This marks the beginning of a new stage in the company, expanding the national and international marketing networks.

A fresh air

In 2003 his daughter Carmen Pastor put Angel Alfaro at the head of the family business, who modernized it to expand production, with a new factory in the Atalayas Industrial Estate in Alicante, expanding the catalogue of wafer products and investing in quality, research and development. Trusting and betting on the family tradition, she changed the company’s trade name to “ Obleas Pastor”.

During this period the company bases its production on the manufacture of wafers for confectionery and pastry. At present, most of our clients are mainly located in the national territory, exporting 30% of our annual production outside our borders.

In 2016 we began to market the smooth wafer in various formats, thicknesses and colours. Thanks to this new product development, wafer for printing is offered as well as printed wafer.