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Wafer shavings

100% natural European potato starch and sunflower oil. Without additives or preservatives.

Measurements: 0.1x1cm.
Thickness: 0.30MM.
Food packaging: 210gr. / 26x8x14cm.

Azo Colours references:

  • Blue – 62011A210
  • Pink – 62011R210
  • Orange – 62011N210
  • Green – 62011V210
  • Violet – 62011VI210
  • Multicolor – 62011T210

Natural Colours References:

  • Green – 63011VF210
  • Caramel – 63011C210

Artificial Colours References:

  • Fluorescent green: – 63011VF210
  • Fluorescent yellow – 63011T210

Observations: The product is served packed and packaged, keeping the properties of the product and its optimal preservation.

Obleas Pastor is your Wafer specialist

We have the technical and professional capacity to satisfy your requests in a short time and at very competitive prices, offering quality control of each product at all times.